Health and Safety

Covid-19 Health & Safety Policy


Our comprehensive Health & Safety Policy is developed in accordance with applicable municipal, regional, provincial, and federal legislation.

Policy is enforced 24/7 in the entire building and business centre through the use of active security camera monitoring and the prompt issue of photo notifications for all offences.

Access Business Centre is a private office facility inaccessible to the general public.

Ample signage advises visitors on admissibility procedure to premises.


Visitor volume is controlled through guest scheduling policy.


Health & Safety Stations are located throughout the centre facility, in all meeting rooms and high-volume areas, and at all entrance doors.

Complimentary hand sanitizer and face masks are provided for all centre users.


Complimentary hand sanitizer and face masks are provided for all centre users.

Maintenance performed promptly as required during staffed hours.


The entire centre facility is well-ventilated.

All shared spaces and all private offices contain air vents.

All private office spaces contain individual portable air conditioners under direct client control.


There is ample room in all shared spaces to maintain a safe distance between centre users.

Formal communication is conducted primarily via email and text messaging.

Interaction between centre users is governed by the most current understanding of readily available and applicable health advice as dispensed by issuing authorities.


A private office client, as an independent business, is responsible for the development and enforcement of its own individual health & safety policy to govern itself, its team, and its own private workspace.

Client is responsible for controlling visitor volume by scheduling all appointments in advance.

Client must conduct health screening of all guests in advance before permitting entry to centre facility, regardless of mask use.

Client is responsible for the enforcement of all center policies with visitors as applicable.